Profiles vs Showrooms

Profiles are very similar because they can each carry the same type of information such as a company bio, news, articles, photos and videos. However, the difference is mainly based in that Profiles are for Editorial purposes and Showrooms are for the company to display their own information.

Profiles carry all of the editorial coverage for a topic, brand, employer, product, event, designer, artist or executive. We use them to group the coverage of a popular topic so it is easily accessible for our readers. Profiles are only allowed when there is a large amount of regular coverage on the topic. While we always welcome input from the companies and PR firms, profiles are controlled by our editorial team.

Showrooms offer companies a chance to display their own content just like they would in a showroom at a Trade Show. They can include a company bio, news, articles, product descriptions, photos, videos and plenty of other information. Companies can choose to keep the Showroom static until they update it with new products or keep it fresh with automatic feeds of our editorial content about the company.

Showroom Additions
Companies can build onto the Company Showroom by adding Rooms which might be for:

  • Showcases for each Brand.
  • Individual Product Showcases.
  • Event showcases.
  • A dedicated room for videos, interviews, news or other content.
  • A promotion, contest or giveaway.
  • An employer profile for recruiting information and job listings.
  • Practically anything else a company wants to showcase.

Featured Showcases
Ever notice we don’t have banner advertising? That’s because banner ads have become boring and practically useless with the proliferation of mobile. So, we offer a unique opportunity for our Showroom owners to sponsor the whole section or site by being featured in the menu and on the front page of that section or site. These opportunities are limited to a set number of companies in each industry, city or lifestyle publication.

And this makes even our advertising opportunities great content for our readers. It also keeps the sites beautiful.